Wicked Pizza is in it’s 6th year of trading, featuring at many of our largest events, such as The Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh Marathon Festival and the big meets at Musselburgh Racecourse

Using four super fast turbo electric ovens – with concentrated heat onto a single pizza which can cook a 12″ in 90 seconds – we are able to handle a large output in a busy environment.  This doesn’t affect the quality of the pizzas however – we use dough balls and hand prepare each pizza using fresh toppings and ingredients. We have a range of eight different varieties – catering for everyones tastes and needs on the day.

We have a wide range of availability for Wicked Pizza, and are confident with our fully trained team that we can handle output and keep the quality of produce up. We aim to do a minimum of 200 pizzas at an event – our record stands at 807.. so far!